Healthy Gluten Free Organic Tortillas

When Mercy told me that we should make healthy organic gluten free tortillas, I was always enthusiastic and supportive, but I must admit, I was a little dubious. Mercy had been talking about making tortillas and doing a healthy fast food restaurant for a long time! But something happened last year that changed things. Her friend, Liz, found a food consultant, Michael, who had a lot of experience with tortillas. One of his first majorly successful food products was a tortilla!

For the latter part of 2018, Mercy has been going to the factory every month or so, to try to perfect the recipe--largescale--with the big machines.I had no idea how labor intensive this work was, until I went to the factory last January. There I met Rene, the owner of the factory, and saw what was involved in producing a perfect tortilla. On the day that I was there, we initially had some consternation, because despite what seemed to be perfect masa, or dough, the tortillas were not turning out well. Mercy and I were silently praying. The tortilla master changed out some of the equipment and all of a sudden--we had SUCCESS! Rene said that these tortillas were some of the best his factory was turning out!


I asked them how much it cost for us to do the R&D with them and they told me that they were interested in being the producers of the tortillas and whatever other foods we wanted to produce. We were humbled to know how much they really believe in what we are doing! On the way home, Mercy and I were praising God and talking about how things had unfolded. We recounted our first visit with Michael, when she and Liz invited him over to try out the tortillas and the waffles. I was on Facetime with them as he tried everything. Mercy told me that he called Rene, the tortilla factory owner, and told him, “I think we have a product”. She told me, “Joyce, God must have blessed me, because my tortillas were extra good that day!”


We still have some work to do before things really start moving forward, but I am so humbled as I see God opening doors for us to help bring healthy food to more people.