6 Things That Help Me When I'm in a Personal Health Crisis



Hi everyone,
I’ve been quiet over here for a bit. I’ve been recovering from an injury and it has been taking all of my time and energy.

When I first started having symptoms, i didn’t know what was causing them, and my doctors didn’t either. I had to be my own doctor, think about possible mechanisms of injury, ask for my own imaging studies, and figure out the best course of action to recover my health. It makes me shudder to think about where I would be, had I not been proactive about searching for a solution.

Despite a lot of ups and downs, by God’s grace, I think that I am figuring things out and I’m on the road to recovery.

Anyone else here feel like you have to figure out your own health? It can be overwhelming. I know I felt very discouraged and hopeless at times. Here are 6 things that helped me when dealing with my most recent health crisis.

1) Prayer

I got to a point very early on where I realized that there was nothing more I could do and that if my symptoms persisted, I would be in a very serious place. I believe that God gives us wisdom to meet every trial (James 1:5) and I was constantly praying for wisdom to know who to turn to and how to proceed when medical knowledge fell short.

2) Anointing

The Bible says we should ask for anointing when we are sick. I haven’t ever asked for anointing for sickness before—even when I had the severe leaky gut symptoms. But I wanted to be mindful to choose to trust in God throughout this experience, no matter how it turned out. It was really a beautiful and encouraging meeting. Everyone shared about difficult times in their lives and how God has blessed them.

3) Pick Up The Phone

I made appointments with providers as I thought of them. In my case, there were providers that I hadn’t seen in a long time who were just perfect for my problem and they were able to get me in right away or just as I needed them.

4) Research

The internet is so helpful. You can look up symptoms as you are thinking about possible mechanisms for why you are having your symptoms. Also, the healthcare providers can give more ideas and you can continue to grow your knowledge base as you go.

5) Live Healthy

Whatever health problem you have—you need to have good nutrition and mental attitude to make it. The gut is always a priority! I try to always have greens every day. Berries every day. Tons of plant based, nutrient rich food. I was also doing herbal tonics and a few supplements to help with my particular problem. Eating in an anti inflammatory way helps decrease pain with whatever situation you face.

6) Keep Getting Up

I didn’t always find the right people and some caused me more injury. It was super discouraging and painful both physically and emotionally. But you can’t get discouraged—you have to keep getting up—keep searching for a way to get better.

There are so many natural ways to heal. I have discovered even more through this really difficult time and I am so impressed with how they have made it possible for me to make it through this. I use LeD/infrared lights all day. I spent money on different these and other therapies. I invested time and money in therapies. I know not everyone can afford them, but I found simple things like sunshine and Epsom salt floats, for instance, to be amazing for pain.

Anyone else find good natural ways to deal with pain?


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