Our Book Launch!

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As many of you know, my partner, Mercy Ballard and I have been working on a plant-based cookbook to help fill in the plant-based gap in the autoimmune/leaky gut community. Many of you have been asking us when the book will be released. At this point, it seems very safe to say that The Autoimmune Plant Based Cookbook will be released by the end of April!

The recipes Autoimmune Plant Based Cookbook are based on recipes that have already changed many lives. Not only are our recipes healthy, they are delicious! Foods commonly associated with food sensitivities (such as soy, corn, oats, wheat, grains, and nuts) are not included. A seven-day meal plan is included to help readers understand how to put these recipes together into balanced meals. Principles for eating to decrease inflammation and recommendations for food sensitivity testing are provided as well. 

There are very few plant-based lifestyle protocols in the autoimmune/leaky gut community and we believe that this book has the potential to change lives!

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We cannot wait to share this book with you! You can buy our book now RIGHT HERE

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